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While most people think there are only sales and service jobs at car dealerships, there are many other positions that need to be filled to operate a dealership.

If you understand the value of quality service and have the ability to pay attention to detail with every customer transaction and interaction, then apply for an Administrative/Office job at a dealership today.

Administrative Positions at a Dealership:
  • Accounts Payable Clerk - Compiles and maintains verified accounts payable records. Reconciles statements and issues payment to vendors.

  • Accounts Receivable Clerk - Records payments to customer accounts and maintains accounts receivable records. Takes appropriate collection action on accounts more than 30 days old. Reconciles and deposits all monies received by the dealership.

  • Billing Clerk - prepares invoices and bills and compiles data for the dealership.

  • Bookkeeper - Records financial transactions for the dealership

  • Cashier - Receives payment for products or services sold by the dealership and plays a key role in maintaining or creating customer satisfaction for the business transaction.

  • Controller - Reports the financial condition of the total dealership to the dealer/general manager regularly and accurately. Provides sales and expense analyses summarizing potential problem areas and opportunities for improved profitability relative to monthly and annual forecasts.

  • DMV Title Clerk - Processes car deals. Verifies costs for the accounting department, including the costs of reconditioning and equipment add-ons and handles the legal transfer of documents for the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • File Clerk - Organizes dealership records in an efficient manner enabling easy and quick retrieval.

  • Marketing Manager - Studies the dealership's customer base and the automotive retail market in the area to develop effective programs for soliciting business.

  • Office Manager - Processes and generates financial data for all dealership departments, which together represent the accurate financial condition of the business. Provides accurate reporting to the dealer/general manager and is responsible for accounting office and administrative functions.

  • Payroll Clerk - Compiles payroll data such as hours worked; sales volume, bonuses, and commissions; monies to be withheld for taxes; employee contributions to insurance and retirement plans; etc., from time sheets and other records.

  • Receptionist - Receives callers at the dealership, determines the nature of their business and directs callers to their destination. Answers basic inquiries, routes incoming calls, takes messages and provides basic information to all callers.

  • Social Media Coordinator - Maintains all dealership websites, feeds, blogs and online galleries.

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