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Careers in the Automotive Industry

Why choose a career in the automotive industry?

Local dealerships that service new cars and heavy trucks are all across America. An automotive level 1 technician with no experience can advance their position by working towards increased certifications to perform more complicated work. Many technicians work their way to a level 4 master technician status certified to service virtually all systems in a vehicle. The average compensation for an automotive service technician is over $61,000 a year with top technicians advancing their compensation to well over $100,000 a year.

With hundreds of auto dealerships across the greater New York area, there are a wide variety of unique and challenging positions available. Auto retail careers offer responsible individuals competitive salaries, great potential for advancement, as well as opportunities to meet exciting challenges and to develop important technical and business skills while working in a professional setting.

There are loads of dealership career opportunities with advantages that include: benefits, excellent working conditions, flexible schedules, ongoing training courses, advancement opportunities, and the potential for a high income.

Test Drive a Career at a New Car Dealership

Today’s service work involves the use of computers and high-tech diagnostic equipment and working in the service department involves problem solving that is both challenging and rewarding.

As another career track, some technicians transition to the customer service side and become service-writers, working with customers to identify their needs and schedule service and maintenance. Others progress into management, with some moving to the parts department, and others managing dozens of service and maintenance orders each day.

The need for Automotive Service Technicians is very strong and in today's fast­paced automotive world, technicians and mechanics have a promising career outlook ahead of them.

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