Auto Careers

Dealership Careers


There are a variety of positions with a range of salaries:

Service Technician: Uses state-of-the art computers and equipment to diagnose and repair vehicles. Salary range: $26-75K.

Heavy Duty Truck Technician: Repairs and maintains diesel and gas engine industrial trucks. Salary range: $27-57K.

Parts Manager: Maintains parts inventory, inventory control, merchandising, display and advertising. Salary range: $37-75K.

Salesperson: Does direct sales and leasing. Salary range: $31-92K.

Sales Manager: Sets showroom goals and manages sales force. Salary range: $65-158K

Finance & Insurance Manager: Assists the buyer with financing and insurance. Salary range: $48-110K.

Warranty Clerk: Prepares, submits and follows up on warranty claims with the factory. Salary range: $25-39K.

Parts Counterperson: Sells parts over the counter and on the phone. Salary range $27-39K.

Business Manager: Manages the finances of the dealership, develops guidelines, establishes and maintains a data processing system. Salary range: $41-85K.

Systems Manager: Manages IT and internet sales, maintains dealer web site and communicates with the manufacturers. Salary range: $36-55K.

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