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Dealer Gives Holiday Party for Kids

“Geez, can you imagine if you lived here? This would be the greatest house ever!” 9-year-old Noah exclaimed. He was staring open mouthed at the expansive gleaming space. We were on the top floor of Manhattan Automobile Company, a NYC dealership, surrounded by 2010 Land Rovers and what appeared to be an acre of open office space with floor to ceiling windows.

Noah and 20 of his club mates –ages 6 to 10- from the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club, were at the dealership for a Thanksgiving celebration. MAC sent a luxury bus to pick them up in the Bronx (TVs, bathrooms and cushy seats) and greeted the children with popcorn, crafts and a fabulous home-made holiday dinner.

It was two days before Thanksgiving and the 30 children were wide- eyed with excitement as they grabbed bags of popcorn and sat down at the craft tables. The first order of business was making holiday aprons. The activity consisted of gluing felt turkeys—including feathers, feet and eyeballs- to a canvas apron and painting their names on the finished product.

A handful of helpers were busy assisting the kids; from helping glue on the pieces to serving up the mashed potatoes, turkey and pumpkin pie. This was the second time that MAC staged this remarkably well-organized production; a true testament to a caring group of employees who donated their time and energy to the event.

Especially in this year of hard times, feel good events are what makes the world keep going round.

“It’s important for us to give back to the community and entertaining local kids is lots of fun,” remarked Gary B. Flom, President and CEO of Manhattan Automobile Company. He was on hand to give each child a new backpack courtesy of the dealership. The kids were thrilled with the backpacks, the aprons, the yummy desserts and, of course, the luxury bus!

On the way out, Tanisha, a shy six-year-old turned to one of the employees and asked, “Do you think I can come back again next year?”

“I bet that can be arranged,” she smiled.