Driving Tips

Road Trip Checklist


Planning to take your new vehicle for a longer drive than your usual daily commute? Before heading down the driveway, check out the following five distance-driving tips from our dealers::

1. Inspect the service features

Evaluate the condition of your tires. Look for dry rot (cracks) or bubbles in the sidewalls. Make sure the tread is deep and uniform across the face of the tire. Check for proper tire inflation. (See the sticker inside the driver’s door jamb for instructions). And don’t forget to check the air pressure in the spare.

Check and top off all fluids. That includes power steering, transmission, brake, coolant and windshield washer fluids. Check wiper blades for streaking and clean or replace them if necessary.

Prevent Overheating. Have a qualified mechanic check the radiator and water pump for leaks. They should also check all hoses and clamps that transfer coolant.

Check to see that all of your lights are working.

2. Check child safety seats

Have your safety seats checked by your local police precinct or rescue squad to make sure they are installed properly.

3. Pack smart

First rule? Do not overload your vehicle! Make sure all your bags are well secured and out of your line of vision so you can see out the side and back windows. Loose baggage can become dangerous projectiles in a crash or emergency stop.

4. Bring an emergency kit

This can include a flashlight, blanket, flares, extra coolant, oil and several bottles of water. Always travel with a backup set of keys, too — you can hide them in the car or even under it in a magnetic storage box.

5. Plan Your Route

Know your roads and exits prior to setting out, and don't forget to keep those directions accessible. Having a paper road map on hand is helpful safety net — consider what happens if your smart phone runs out of juice or your navigation system goes off the grid. With that said, make sure you grab your cell's car charger before leaving the house.