We can work it out

Metro New York’s dealers complete thousands of transactions each day—and most of them go very well. But sometimes, there are misunderstandings, or something goes wrong. We can help you work it out.

We offer several mediation programs that help consumers and dealers find solutions. The AUTOCAP program helps with new car dealers, including sales and service. The UCAP program helps with used car issues and lemon law arbitration.

We have a fulltime mediation representative on staff who will listen to you carefully, and will contact the dealership on your behalf. Many times, we can resolve problems with just a phone call.

When more help is needed, we have access to an impartial arbitration board who will review both sides of the situation and come up with a fair decision.

Why we do this

Our dealers want happy, satisfied customers. Happy customers are return customers, and they often share their experiences with their family members and friends. Our mediation team works for fast, fair solutions that keep both sides happy. It’s good for consumers—and that’s good for business.

Contact Ann Daly at 1-800-522-3881 or 718-746-5900 or